Many older adults suffer from changes in behavior and emotions that require specialized treatment. By using a combination of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and physical care, Clearview is committed to offering comprehensive therapy that addresses the uniqueness of aging. Specializing in the treatment of memory disorders and senior behavioral medicine, Clearview offers solutions for memory loss, confusion, and sadness. Individual, group, and family therapy is provided by our social workers, activity therapists, and physical therapists. Please come by and tour our facility. We feel that once you experience the environment of Clearview, you will know that we can improve the quality of your life or the life of a loved one.

Potential patients may be experiencing:

  • Dementia (progressive memory loss or confusion)
  • Delusions (fixed false beliefs regarding self, others, or environment)
  • Delirium (acute onset confusion with psychosis)
  • Psychosis (auditory or visual hallucinations)
  • Paranoia (irrational beliefs that others are plotting to harm)
  • Anxiety (increased worrying, nervousness, and pacing)
  • Depression (tearfulness and changes in sleep or appetite)
  • Behavioral concerns (assaulting, cursing, or yelling) 

Other admission criteria may include:

  • Medication noncompliance
  • Increased sadness or grief
  • Medication adjustment
  • Combativeness

Clearview offers:

  • an 18-bed specialty unit
  • Inpatient treatment for adults 55 and over with behavioral health disorders.
  • Treatment for diagnoses such as depression, psychosis, and dementia.
  • Treatment of difficult behavior associated with dementia: aggression, combativeness, and problems with sleeping or eating.
  • Therapy tailored to individual needs, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and activity therapy.
  • Education for family members. 
  • Assistance in placing the patient in the most appropriate setting after the Clearview stay.
  • On-site assessments (call 1-800-871-7338 or 1-501-278-3366).

We Can Help
For a Clearview consult or referral, call 1-501-278-3366. You will need to provide information about the person being referred, including psychiatric history, presenting problems, allergies, medications, and medical treatments.

Clearview White County Medical Center South
1200 South Main
Searcy, AR 72143
(501) 278-3366

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